Mangajet Makes Your Tweet Into A Comic-style Illustration

Mangajet [J] is a new Japanese service which let you make a Japanese manga-comic style illustration with provided characters, background images, baloons with your text.

The generated comic strip can be saved and shared on Twitter.

Following to the Japanese manga standard, text will be written in top-to-bottom direction so Western languages won’t fit well, unfortunately.

The service was released as a promotion of a free digital manga material directory Manga Sozai Jiten, which is run by Datacraft.

There is Feel on!, a web service to comicalize your Twitter timeline as well (and that one now supports English).

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Japonizer – Japanese Traditional Background Image Generator

Japonizer is an web generator for background image, which generates images of traditional Japanese patterns.

You choose one out of around 30 provided traditional patterns, set a size and change colours if you want. You may download and use it for your blog, twitter or so.

The service is a part of [J], a social community site for sharing all Japanese-style things. The old monochrome photo generator which we covered in 2008 is also a part of the site.

USB Power Generating Pan

Japanese company TES NewEnergy announced to sell a cooking pan which utilizing disposed heat into power, which can charge cellphone or other devices via USB socket from June 13th.

They say that heat of bonfire could be over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, but energy over 212 Fahrenheit are not used for boiling water and wasted. This pan will convert the waste heat into cellphone charger. It can charge up iPhone by 3-5 hours.

The price is 23,000 yen(278 USD).

Directly converting heat-waste into electrical energy.

The year 2000 witnessed our discovery of a oxide compound
we have since developed into a material capable of converting heat-waste into electrical energy at unprecedentedly high temperatures. Thus, after a decade of research, we are pleased to confidently announce the establishment of TES NewEnergy
(Thermo Electric Systems and NewEnergy).

TES NewEnergy is born as a result of the work of AIST
( The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).

TES NewEnergy brings you a world of fresh cost-reducing possibilities, creating clean energy for incinerators, process plant , industrial furnaces, shipping, fueled vehicles, cookers/water-heaters, ubiquitous machinery etc. We can also provide emergency or back-up energy and even utilize geothermal energy.

We hope you join us as we expand renewable energy, reducing carbon-dioxide levels worldwide

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Androidoll – Android Apps Review Site For Girls

It was 2 months ago that I introduced a new segmented Android Apps review site for Otaku – Moedroid. Now, rapid-spreading Android phones in Japan has brought us another interesting review site, for Japanese female cellphone users, Androidoll [J].

“Android apps review site from the viewpoint of girls” is the catch they put in large on the top.

Another catch, “You need apps to be cute!”,

The site offers Android app generators, by which you can create your original Android apps – 1. your original movie player app (max 15 seconds), 2. your photo album app (max 15 photos) and 3. clock gadget app with your own photo.

Their apps ranking on today:

  1. earthquake alerter
  2. polygraph app
  3. ShootMe – screen capture by shaking handset
  4. app to display nail arts overlay on your finger
  5. QR Code Scanner
  6. Dolphin Browser HD
  7. Kaocho – easy typing Japanese emoticons
  8. Try On Accessories – display accessories over your photo
  9. twicca BETA – Twitter client
  10. Skype