Getting new-old photos: Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator

April Fool’s 2008 in English had a photo service for future, whilst Japanese has less exciting but more and more useful new photo service from past. Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator.
Old photo generator screenshot
“Koshashin” means “old photo”. “Bakumatsu” is literally “end of feudal era”, the end of Edo shogunate era (circa 1860), when the whole country was facing to its turning point to open for outside of islands, led to Meiji Revolution. So the service name implies “Generator for photos like over 150 years old”.
Here are sample photos made by the service developer, which were posted as real Edo era photos on April 1st, then the next day, appeared to be this year’s made by this generator.
Generated old photos sample
You may easily upload and convert your photo. The image will not only become monochrome but also applied fading and staining effects to make it legitimate-looking old photo.
blogger tundra made this iPhone photo, today’s photo could (if not digital,) look like this in 100 years.
iPod Touch 100 years anniversary

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