Dentsu’s Android Lottery App For Internship Seat

Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency released a new Android app for wannabe students, Lucky Senkou(=selection).

The app has only a single feature, to let students draw a lottery for the platinum slots of the 2012 internship program at Dentsu. You just need to click the button and wait Dentsu’s contact.

The app description begins with the Japanese proverb “Un mo jitsuryoku no uchi”(Luck is also your talent.). Dentsu might need young people with luck.

Internship, sometimes executed as a cheaper labor, has been becoming popular recently in Japan, where big, stable, well-known enterprises have huge advantages against newly graduating students, who may not get their ideal jobs even after taking hundreds of job interviews. Dentsu is always ranked at the top companies for the students.

GREE And Dentsu Global Promotion At Airports

Gree, [J] in the opening stage of a business partnership with Dentsu Inc., is starting corporate branding advertisements in airports from this April.

Both companies have announced [J] their comprehensive business partnership towards global enterprise on March 21st.  In this first stage they will start a corporate branding project with airport advertising, and in Japan they are developing this from April 1st at Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport International Terminal.  As for airport advertising, GREE has announced 9 cities (Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Seoul, Beijing, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Dubai) from a global standpoint as being registered. (*Sao Paulo and Dubai are planned to be opened sequentially)

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Dentsu Buys 15% Stake In Tokyo-Based Web Company Kakaku.Com

Tokyo-based Dentsu, one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, today announced [JP, PDF] it has acquired 15.06% of, Japan’s largest price comparison site and community (all Kakaku-related articles on Asiajin, my very early review of the site from 2007).

The eponymous company behind the service is currently listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a US$1.6 billion market cap. Culture Convenience Club (CCC) , the operator of the Tsutaya DVD and CD store chain, is the main shareholder.

While the price comparison site is still the core asset (after almost 15 years in business), rolled out a number of other web services in the last few years that now Dentsu has a foot in, i.e. movie portal, 4travel, or hotel reservation service

The biggest hit landed after establishing online price comparison in Japan is tabelog, a wildly popular restaurant guide that is similar to Yelp in the US. Last month, tabelog alone saw 712 million page views ( 877 million).

All sites of the group racked up a combined 1.7 billion page views in the same time frame, coming from 77 million unique users – and this reach is exactly what Dentsu is after.’s stats can be accessed here [PDF].

D2 Communications Acquires 0.9% Stake In Tokyo-Based Ubiqituous Entertainment

Japan’s largest mobile marketing and advertising firm, D2 Communications (D2C), has acquired a 0.9% stake in Tokyo-based Ubiqituous Entertainment (UEI). D2C acquired a total of 400 UEI shares – other financial details of the deal, which was officially announced [JP] today, weren’t disclosed.

In April last year, the two companies started a program called 9leap [JP] for young game smartphone game designers (our previous coverage).

With the capital partnership, D2C and UEI plan to continue the program, co-develop HTML5-based web services and mobile ad solutions, and use the latter company’s knowhow in the gaming field to create new applications and content.

Founded in 2000, D2C is said to be not only Japan’s largest but also oldest mobile advertising company. D2C’s parent company is the country’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo – other shareholders are Dentsu, Dentsu Digital, and NTT Advertsing.