D2 Communications Acquires 0.9% Stake In Tokyo-Based Ubiqituous Entertainment

Japan’s largest mobile marketing and advertising firm, D2 Communications (D2C), has acquired a 0.9% stake in Tokyo-based Ubiqituous Entertainment (UEI). D2C acquired a total of 400 UEI shares – other financial details of the deal, which was officially announced [JP] today, weren’t disclosed.
In April last year, the two companies started a program called 9leap [JP] for young game smartphone game designers (our previous coverage).
With the capital partnership, D2C and UEI plan to continue the program, co-develop HTML5-based web services and mobile ad solutions, and use the latter company’s knowhow in the gaming field to create new applications and content.
Founded in 2000, D2C is said to be not only Japan’s largest but also oldest mobile advertising company. D2C’s parent company is the country’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo – other shareholders are Dentsu, Dentsu Digital, and NTT Advertsing.

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