Google Japan Runs AKB48 Commercial For Galaxy Nexus, Which Is Almost Free On Shop

Google is airing a commercial of its Android reference handset Galaxy Nexus, with AKB48, who is the top girls idol group, who also cooperates on Google+ promotion in Japanese.

The commercial song is sung by the selected members of AKB48 for Google+, called “Gugutasu Senbatsu”(Gugu = abbrev of Google, tasu=to add, senbatsu=selection) Gugutasu is a nickname which AKB48 people gave to Google+).

Galaxy Nexus, sold by NTT Docomo in Japan since December 2011, only 4 months ago, is offered heavy discount at retail this month. Docomo runs discount campaign by the end of March for several Android models released in 2011. On its online shop Galaxy Nexus is sold at 10,800(US$130) for current Docomo users to add up. I myself saw 8,800 yen tags at a large electronics retail store in Akihabara. Some shops are selling them for free but they are rapidly sold out as 2-channel users and other individual resellers have been hunting the free ones. It does not come with any obligation (like 2 years subscription), only limitation is that you have not purchased other Docomo phone in past one month on the contract.

What Docomo can take from this deal is more monthly charge only if the purchasing user changed from feature phone, which fixed data plan is less expensive than the one for smartphone. Some of the feature phone user might not be using any data plan so in that case 5,480-5,980 yen more expense monthly.

Nikkei Trendy analyzed that this discount was introduced because the handset was unpopular for Japanese customers, because it does not have many features other Japanese handsets do not have, such like Osaifu Ketai(e-wallet for trains and shops), One-seg TV, no micro SD card slot, etc. They also said that Galaxy Nexus is too large for Japanese, especially for ladies.

But other 2011 models from Sony, NEC-Casio, Panasonic, Sharp are getting the similar discount. I guess that there were some mistakes on smartphone demand forecasting by Docomo.

Crazy Japanese Commercials For The World First Windows Phone 7.5

KDDI au, who shipped Fujitsu-Toshiba-made IS12T, the earliest shipped Windows Phone 7.5(Mango) around the world last month, made some strange commercial films.

parody of TV shopping program

Even if it is all in Japanese, I think you will get the point as the high-tension on the TV shopping should be universal.

I liked the line how easy “gorgonzola” and “paparazzi” can be typed on its Japanese input method feature.

Japanese hostess customer management and retention

Kyabajo (Kyabakura Girl, a hostess in girls’ bar) explains how she is using contact management app to handle lots of customers’ birthdays, etc. She found her guest drinking around by GPS, calls to visit her.

Gay Bar hostess

By 5 p.m., she works as a salesman and a heavy user of MS Office on WP7.5. She got a claim call from her daytime customer.

via Sumahon [J]

Placeholder Public Service Commercial Buzzed Crazy In Japan

Advertising Council Japan (AC Japan) has been mostly a sole commercial providers on Japanese commercial TV stations for a week since the East Japan Earthquake occured. As most regular companies did not want to play their commercial with fear of criticized as inconsiderate during many people are in deep grief, all commercial stations (i.e. non NHK) are airing didactic commercial films from this public service organization for placeholder.

I think it is not their fault, but many people seemed to be irritated by the AC’s commercials, especially its jingle at the end of all films singing “AC”. On 17th, AC Japan posted apology on repeat of their few films endlessly, even it was by decision of each TV station, and said that they are preparing versions without the last jingle. You can relive it on this 5 minutes jingle repeat.

One of the few commercial films is this one, calling for people to greet with lots of Japanese pun, like dog says “Konnichiwan”(Konnichiwa + wan = Hello + woof), rabbit talks “Arigatousagi”(Arigatou + Usagi = Thanks + rabbit)

As well as “AC” jingle, their singing ポポポポーン(“popopopon”) is making many people mad. Twitter search shows every seconds someone tweeting about “popopopon” today. There are something on this film letting people obsessed. Searching YouTube with “popopopon” now shows over 100 videos.

There is a flash titled “Buttons you can popopopon as much as you want”. Clicking makes every single elements on the commercial.

Illustration by @easygoz to add more variations of animal pun, to appeal people “to donate”, “to save electricity”, “to donate blood”, “to help each other”, and to blame “mass media inflame” and “bad hoarder”.

Another parody is to change the Arigarou-rabbit to be “great”, originally from Nico Nico douga. It features the jarring “AC” jingle as well.

Nintendo Admits Blowing-Cartridge Is Not Only Meaningless But Harmful After A Quarter Century

Nintendo celebrates 25 years anniversary of Super Mario by TV commercial in Japan.

The commercial depicts that a guy plays the first Super Mario Brothers in 1985 (see TV set and a radio-cassette recorder). It was a common scene nationwide.

But on their special website [J], Nintendo put another short movie and warns users “Don’t do that”. The text says,

At the time Family Computer(=NES) were sold, people blowing metal terminal surface of its cartridge to clean dust were done all over the country. However, it turned out that this will make it rust to cause malfunctions.

This is the same for all other hardware/software having such metal terminals including Nintendo DS, so never blow on them.

When you care dust and dirt, you may purchase use a cleaning set.

If it is no good, they could have avoided to use such scene on the commercial, then such warning video is not needed, but, maybe it was an integral part for them to draw the good old Famicon days.