Placeholder Public Service Commercial Buzzed Crazy In Japan

Advertising Council Japan (AC Japan) has been mostly a sole commercial providers on Japanese commercial TV stations for a week since the East Japan Earthquake occured. As most regular companies did not want to play their commercial with fear of criticized as inconsiderate during many people are in deep grief, all commercial stations (i.e. non NHK) are airing didactic commercial films from this public service organization for placeholder.
I think it is not their fault, but many people seemed to be irritated by the AC’s commercials, especially its jingle at the end of all films singing “AC”. On 17th, AC Japan posted apology on repeat of their few films endlessly, even it was by decision of each TV station, and said that they are preparing versions without the last jingle. You can relive it on this 5 minutes jingle repeat.
One of the few commercial films is this one, calling for people to greet with lots of Japanese pun, like dog says “Konnichiwan”(Konnichiwa + wan = Hello + woof), rabbit talks “Arigatousagi”(Arigatou + Usagi = Thanks + rabbit)

As well as “AC” jingle, their singing ポポポポーン(“popopopon”) is making many people mad. Twitter search shows every seconds someone tweeting about “popopopon” today. There are something on this film letting people obsessed. Searching YouTube with “popopopon” now shows over 100 videos.
There is a flash titled “Buttons you can popopopon as much as you want”. Clicking makes every single elements on the commercial.
Illustration by @easygoz to add more variations of animal pun, to appeal people “to donate”, “to save electricity”, “to donate blood”, “to help each other”, and to blame “mass media inflame” and “bad hoarder”.

Another parody is to change the Arigarou-rabbit to be “great”, originally from Nico Nico douga. It features the jarring “AC” jingle as well.

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