Yahoo! Japan Releases Yahoo! Browser for Android

Yahoo! Japan, the largest and the most popular website in Japan, offers a new web browser for Android for free. The name is Yahoo! Browser.

It starts from a speed dial page like Opera,

Do Yahoo! Search on Yahoo! Browser,

The browser offers semicircular menu, which shows up when you touch the either side edge of screen. Yahoo! Japan says that it makes single hand operation easier, which is important for train commuters (which means majority of Japanese in urban area) who often can not use both hands on crowded trains.

Log-in status will be shared between the browser and Yahoo! Widgets for Android, which enables, for example, jump from a widget to Yahoo! pages on the browser without additional authentication.

The browser also has “Read it later” feature, voice recognition search and phishing-site detector. The supported Android versions are 2.x and above except 3.x.

The browser’s user-agent has “Mozilla”, “AppleWebKit”, “Mobile Safari” and “YJApp-ANDROID”, so it seems to be built on Android’s standard browser.

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CSS-Only (=No Flash/Javascript) Browser Action Game

A Japanese blogger ndruger made a single-page browser action game only using the latest CSS. You need to catch 101 cows by clicking.

Only the latest versions of Chrome/Safari can run this game. Firefox/IE are not supported.

Cellphone Java App Emulator On Javascript/HTML5

Before smartphone, there were feature phone applications. Java MIDP is one of the application environment used on Softbank/Wilcom/KDDI au in Japan, and also on Motorola feature phone, etc. Android is known to use Java-derived environment. Google made different virtual machine Dalvik with avoiding using Sun’s(and now Oracle’s) Java, but Java/CLDC profile MIDP is authentic standard which you could develop cellphon applications.

Because of its long history, there are tons of MIDP applications exist on those cellphone. MIDP is very limited in comparison with Java for regular PCs, but it was well chosen for the limited cellphone environment.

Helped both by hardware and software improvement, a Japanese programmer Yukoba, who says himself as “Virtual machines on JavaScript and ActionScript otaku”, released this “Java MIDP implementation on HTML5 and Flash” at Firefox Developers Conference 2010 in November, where jQuery developer John Resig attended.

His compiler generates JavaScript from MIDP Java class files, so the applications written for feature phone can be run on HTML5 browsers – Firefox. He also developed a compiler to ActionScript, to run it on Internet Explorer 8.

He also launched a showcase-site where you may play about 20 games and utilities made on Java MIDP.

He seems to be working on improvement of the emulator now. As I said above, there are a lot of MIDP application resources in Japan so it is good to run them on the modern web browsers.

Greasemetal – Google Chrome Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a popular Firefox AddOn which enables users to insert customized Javascripts on top of websites, to extend website functionality.

Greasemetal is a Greasemonkey-like user Javascript inserter extension for Google Chrome. It is only a week after Google Chrome release, and done without having extension capability provided.

By this Greasemetal, you may add any supplemental Javascript to any website, with one of the fastest browser Javascript execution environment Google Chrome. User Javascripts are mostly compatible with Greasemonkey so that you already have bunch of usable scripts on

The author, Kazuho OKU is known by making several interesting services around browser and its extension, user-generated menu translator system Japanize and Mylingual, traffic gathering analysis Pathtraq.

[disclaimer] Akky AKIMOTO is working part time for Cybozu Labs as an in-house blogger

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Firefox3 Release Party Tokyo

Celebration of new Firefox 3 launch was held at a hotel in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with over 300 people, Mozilla Japan staff, developers, translators, web designers, engineers, bloggers and others.

Contributors, Mozilla’s new CEO John Lilly, Mozilla Japan chairperson Satoko Takita

Firefox Ice Trophy

Firefox3 Ice Trophy

Foxkeh!!, Japan made mascot to appeal Japanese internet users

The next Firefox 3.1 (planned late 2008) code name was recently named “Shiretoko” after Japan’s national park in Hokkaido.