Greasemetal – Google Chrome Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is a popular Firefox AddOn which enables users to insert customized Javascripts on top of websites, to extend website functionality.
Greasemetal is a Greasemonkey-like user Javascript inserter extension for Google Chrome. It is only a week after Google Chrome release, and done without having extension capability provided.

By this Greasemetal, you may add any supplemental Javascript to any website, with one of the fastest browser Javascript execution environment Google Chrome. User Javascripts are mostly compatible with Greasemonkey so that you already have bunch of usable scripts on
The author, Kazuho OKU is known by making several interesting services around browser and its extension, user-generated menu translator system Japanize and Mylingual, traffic gathering analysis Pathtraq.
[disclaimer] Akky AKIMOTO is working part time for Cybozu Labs as an in-house blogger

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