Satellite Hits An Akihabara Building

photo by Steins; Gate scenario writer @chiyomaru5pb

Radio Kaikan, an Akihabara’s landmark which was closed in August 2011 and waiting to be deconstructed, got a fallen satellite today.

It is a promotion around an Sci-Fi game STEINS;GATE which set in Akihabara. The construction has been reported [J] by many Twitter users.

The Radio Kaikan and Steins; Gate collaboration event is held from today 28th to 30th [J].

AKB360: Experience The Town On Your Desktop Anywhere

AKB360[J], is it a new group derived from popular J-pop girl band AKB48? Consisting of so many as 360 teen girls? Not at all.

That’s the name of a web-based virtual metaverse that Akihabara-based web development company DON[J] (pronounced as “De-Oh-En”) has introduced last week, and it focuses on allowing you to experience the town by walking inside buildings or on streets as if you were.

It allows you to not only virtually walk along the streets such as Google StreetView, but also get inside 18 maid cafes in the town. In a couple of months, another 30 maid cafes will be added, and you really can learn how those look like before you check in. The company wants an illustrated mascot for promoting the service, and its entries are accepted through February 28th.

Idol Foreign Language Academy: Now Idols Teach Languages (In Akihabara, Of Course)


This is slightly off-topic but cool. There are hundreds of language schools in Tokyo, but the Idol Foreign Language Academy, which will open its doors very soon, is certainly unique. The concept of the school is based on having Japanese idols, young and cute girls who are famous to some extent (I am paraphrasing), teach you languages.

The academy will hold its opening party tomorrow in Otaku- and geek heaven Akihabara (where else) starting 7pm. Japanese idols Minami Yoshida [JP, pictured] and Hinata Ise [JP] will be there in the flesh.

And besides throwing parties every Monday, you can really learn English and Japanese at the academy (from idols), meaning the school is a serious brick-and-mortar institution.


No virtual lessons have been announced yet, which means bad news if you’re an Otaku not living in Tokyo.

Can “Moe” Catgirl Make Our Lives So Cheerful?

Xtone's Logo

Wake up in the morning, commute, work, have a lunch, work again, come back home, take a bath and go asleep – for everyday, for ever. Aren’t you bored with monotonous daily routines? A Tokyo-based company, which states creating stimulus things as its corporate mission, will probably make it happen.

Xtone[J] (pronounced as “eks-tone”), a tech start-up based near Shibuya and co-developer of Nico Nico Douga[J], introduced last week a moe-taste iPhone/iPod touch app called “Amamiya Momo“, which allows you to enjoy communicating with a virtual tsundere catgirl.

According to Japanese Otaku Lingo, “tsundere” is a term used to describe girls that are cold and strict at first or in public, but becomes all lovey-dovey when they are alone together.

Amamiya Momo Screenshot

By tapping the catgirl on screen or shaking your iPhone/iPod touch, she gives you back a selected response from 200 different patterns in accordance with time and your location. If your iPhone is GPS-enabled, her behavior depends on which you’re home or not, since she is a sort of Tsundere.

The app speeches Japanese, and English subtitle captioning is also available for English-speaking Akihabaran moe-culture lovers. Her official website says, her blood-type is AB, and she is a daddy’s girl and was born the middle of three girls.

It costs JPY350 or USD2.99 and is available at any country edition of the Apple AppStore.

Author’s Note: Be careful not to mistype Amamiya as Amemiya when you make a retrieval. “Amemiya Momo” has nothing to do with the app introduced above, and she is a popular adult video actress in Japan, no doubt, especially among men.

Japanese-made “Extra” Film Gets High Popularity In S. Korea

A certain type of brand new film product, which can change a camera built in your cellphone to infrared fluoroscope, is on sale at the e-commerce site of an Akihabara-based detective tool shop, and now it gets an explosive popularity among Korean Internet users.

The e-commerce site has an evidence picture that allows you to see playing cards through a t-shirt worn by someone.   According to its explanation, since the product uses sunshine, you can take an advantage of it only outdoor and under clear sky in the daytime.   The website warns no sneak shooting is allowed with it.

A few days ago, the product was introduced on Yahoo! Korea, and a news story covering it was raised to the first rank in the number of those who have read.

Yahoo Korea's News on Super Magic Film

Via Rocket News 24[J]

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