Ranking★TV By GREE Recommends Popular TV Shows

Gree Inc.
[J] has released Ranking★TV [J], an application for iOS which recommends popular TV programs before being broadcast, based on a ranking system.  It uses Toshiba’s REGZA cloud service “TimeOn,” and download is free.

“Ranking TV” is an app which is based on statistical data from Toshiba compatible TVs, BD and DVD recorders all over Japan.  It then distributes TV shows which viewers want to see with its ranking system using this data and user actions within the app itself.  Until now program rankings were based on viewer ratings, but this is the first time to try out offering rankings using data from video recording devices.

Users check rankings daily, and when they push the “Want to watch!” button, the scheduled time is logged into the iPhone’s calendar, sending a notice before it begins.  It’s also possible to share programs you want to watch with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or the SNS “GREE.”  Furthermore it’s possible to customize the ranking to your preference by setting an order to your preferred genres with the “picky setting.”

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AR App “coloRail” Brings Location Based Gaming To The Sapporo Subway

Kumasan LLC [J] has released the first installment of “coloRail”, a location based game series for iOS where your destination is decided by the roll of the dice; this version features the Sapporo metro subway.  Download is free.

“coloRail” automatically determines your destination by rolling dice, and by actually going to the location, checking in, and repeating this process, you will conquer all stations in the Sapporo metro subway system.  The new one day travel pass for this subway offers more flexible ways to travel, and because this app works together with the already released AR (augmented reality) camera application “DoARaiCAM”, with a system grants items and points for that app according to your train questing status.

coloRail-ST [J]


photography AR Camera “DoARaiCAM” [J]


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“App Girlfriend” Traning Battle Communication Game Released, Features Augmented Reality

Toy Logic, Inc. [J] has released the iOS version of the smartphone training battle game Appuri Kanojo [J] (App Girlfriend).  Download is free.

“App Girlfriend” is a training battle communication game where you raise and have conversation with “Purikano,” 3 beautiful girl style anti-virus apps who live in your smartphone.  It comes with 3D graphics and a voice function, you dress the Purikano up in various costumes and gaze from many angles, and you can also enjoy conversation.  What’s more, it has AR (augmented reality) functions, and it’s possible to display your own Purikano in the real world from AR markers.  Character design is headed by Takayama Mizuki, and each character’s voice is done by Mimori Suzuko, Seto Asami, and Kanamoto Hisako.

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Appuri Kanojo

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Limited Edition LINE Character Models By BE@RBRICK On Sale

Medicom Toy, Inc. [J] collaborates with characters from “LINE” [J], LINE, Inc.’s [J] messaging application, with their figure series BE@RBRICK [J], and the limited model “BE@RBRICK LINE” is now for sale at famima.com [J].

“BE@RBRICK” is an action figure series featuring bear figures, and already they have collaborated with many corporations and brand names.  The “BE@RBRICK LINE” released this time has LINE characters Moon, Brown, Coney, and James designed by BE@RBRICK, and as well as 4 types of regular size with overall height 70 mm, there is also a 280 mm tall big size “BE@RBRICK LINE Brown 400%.”  Prices are 1575 yen for the regular size and 8190 yeh for the “BE@RBRICK LINE Brown 400%.”

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CyberAgent And SNS Set Up New Company “7gogo,” Develop Public Group Talk App For Famous People

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has, in partnership with SNS Inc., established the new company 7gogo Inc. [J] (read: nana gogo), and has also announced the opening of a public group talk application for celebrities.

Fujita Susumu of CyberAgent will assume the post of representative director of 7gogo, and with Horie Takafumi as the founder, they will develop public group talk apps allowing you to view opinions and conversations shared between celebrities.  Also, according to a tweet by Fujita Susumu, [J] the origin of the company name is from Mr. Horie’s prisoner number “755.”  They are aiming for 1 million users within the first year after release, and they are currently recruiting members as their business opens.

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