Official Release Of Beautiful Girl Social Game Platform “Nijiyome”

Eisys, Inc. [J] has officially released the beautiful girls social game platform Nijiyome [J] in Japan.  Also, continuing on from the beta opening, they are carrying out a campaign where you can receive “Niji Coins,” the virtual currency used in “Nijiyome.”

“Nijiyome” is a platform for social games where beautiful girl characters appear; the key phrase here is “2D yome” (2D bride).  It’s a platform for web browsers on tablet or smartphone, and it supports both iPhone and Android.
* They are expanding their number of offered titles from the beta opening and official opening, and from now will continue to add games for distribution.
* Furthermore, commemorating the official release, they are offering the folling campaign:
* Nijiyome open commemoration – introducing friends campaign [J]
* Nijiyome open commemoration part 2 – Kureka registration campaign [J]
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