Robot For Smartphone Coin Pusher Games

A Twitter user @suzuki_jidouka (Suzuki is a Japanese surname, jidouka means automation) showed that he had created a robot for his little sister who wants to earn more coins on coin pusher game on smartphone.

The sister asked him if she would earn points effectively by tapping the smartphone screen twice per second all through the night (while she sleeps).

Suzuki assembled this machine with Tamiya’s construction kits, with caring safety for kids.

It worked good but the only problem is that it makes pretty big noise.

Keio Univ Uses Sudoku On Entrance Exam

Keio University is reported to ask Sudoku solution on its entrance exam, a Twitter user reported with a photo.

There is an additional rule added so no pure Sudoku though.

via ITMedia

How to count combination, taught in Anime

Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo waterfront releases an educational video “How to count combinations”.

The story at the beginning seems relaxed, however, as @iwiwi introduced as “crazy”, it goes too much and may frighten kids if you do not use better math.

The video comes with English subtexts. Enjoy.