Listagram And Instastream – Two Instagram Mash-ups From Japan

Listagram is an unofficial Instagram related site by Kotaro Chiba, which lists up Instagram photos by specific user.

Giving a single URL of the Instagram photo will show the set of photos by the user. You need to set profile if you want to be searched on it. RSS feed will be generated so you may subscribe your favorite Instagrammer.

Instastream was inspired [J] by Listagram, made by Yusukebe (Yusuke Wada) [J]. The site shows “a public timeline of Instagram” by using Instagram photo URLs appearing on the Twitter’s public timeline. Precisely speaking, you will see only photos shared over Twitter, but still it is a lot.

Both services are said to use unofficial API of Instagram. Instagram is trying to shut off the unofficial API users.

via Tatsuwo no ChangeLog [J]

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