15 New Games: GREE Beefs Up Smartphone Offering

Another day, another GREE-related news item on Asiajin. Today, it’s about GREE’s web site for smartphones for which new games by third-party developers have been added. If you access GREE through an iPhone or Android handset, you’re now able to play a total of 15 games from twelve different companies (full list in Japanese here).
Here’s GREE’s new smartphone games section (iPhone version):

This is the just the first batch of games integrated into GREE’s web application, including titles from companies such as Sega, gumi and Tonchidot. Needless to say, you can use virtual currency to advance faster in the games.
Here are some pictures showing Tonchidot’s Augmented Reality-powered LBS RPG Demon Wars:

And for GREE, beefing up the web app is just the first step in the smartphone area. As announced by the company last month, the so-called “GREE Platform for smartphone” also includes offering native applications for the iPhone and Android (both of which will be released in the next few weeks).
The company says it so far attracted about 200 companies, which will roll out games for the smartphone platform in the near future.
Pictures courtesy of Chiho Komoriya‘s blog

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