You Can Participate In Fishery Auctions At Tsukiji From Home

DoHouse[J], a Tokyo-based marketing research company devoted to monitor surveys by housewives, launched on their food-oriented e-commerce site a program[J] that allows consumers to bid for fish with watching a live streamcast hosted by a middleman from Tsukiji Fish Market.   Now we can participate in the auction at home and post a bid price for each via Twitter.

The program is hosted by well-known middleman Yoshikatsu Ikuta[J], the owner of Tsukiji-based 70-year-old tuna wholesaler company Suzuyo[J].   His live auction programming seems non-periodical due to the market situation and the marine weather, therefore you need to follow the site’s Twitter account (@deki_machi) in order to find when the next auction is.    Bidded items can be paid by credit card and C.O.D. and delivered to any part of Japan.

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