iPhone Apps Developers in Japan will visit San Francisco during MacWorld for promoting

On Decemeber 24, at Chirstmas eve night, Japanese iPhone developers gathered at an old Japanese-style hotel “Houmeikan” near Tokyo universtiy.


The purpose is ” to plan an event in SanFrancsico during MacWorld to promote iphone apps by Japanese developers in a group”.


Japanese iphone app market is not big as U.S. market and there’s an estimate that it’s 1/10 of U.S. market. So it is critical to promote for U.S. market to make enough beneifts.

Here is a PR movie by developers who joined the meeting.

iphone demo event – promo video

I will aslo join to this event as a developer of PokéDia, a daily diary app.

PokéDia demo in YouTube
PokéDia ver1.1 at iTunes Appstore

The promotion event will be held at certain place in San Francisco at the night of Jan. 7th. Since the space is limited, you will need invitation to join to this event.

Those of you who want to join this event, please register at the following site.

Macworld Expo: Japan iPhone App Developer Special Media Event

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