Mixi Appoints A New President. CEO Kasahara To Be A Chairman

Mixi, a Japanese local social networking service competing against Facebook, announced today [J] that the founder, president and the largest stockholder Kenji Kasahara is to hand over the presidency to Yusuke Asakura.
Asakura, born in 1982, 30 years old, who joined Mixi in October 2011 when Mixi purchased his founding company Naked Technology.
According to Nikkei BP interview in 2010, he entered an Australian jocky school when he was 15, dropped out because of growing too tall, came back to Japan and went to The University of Tokyo with 2-years delay. While still studying, he established Naked Technology with other students. He once left the company at graduation and worked for McKinsey & Company for a few years, then back to Naked Technology in August 2010, became a president 2 months later.
The changes will officially happen at the shareholder meeting on June 25.

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