“Moe Temple” Ryouhouji Game App Tops 50,000 Users In 10 Days

Youkoso Ryouhouji E!” [J] (Welcome to Ryouhou Temple) (nickname: Buttamageh {Buddha Spirit Game}), an Android “Buddha Style Game” app for Ryouhouji [J] temple, also known as “Moe Tera” (Infatuation Temple), in Hachioji Tokyo, has gained over 50,000 users within 10 days from its release.

“Welcome to Ryouhou Temple!” is a card game style social RPG released [J] on November 20th from the GMO game platform “G Geh.”  The player embarks on a journey to restore the world by eradicating evil spirits, together with Ryouhouji’s moe characters “Toro Benten” (goddesses), and makes evil spirits from each place in Japan evolve into companions while battling repeatedly.  There’s also a function for waging war with other players and pursuing unlimited treasure.  They also are planning in the near future to add a “guild” system which advantageously advises battling bosses together with other players.

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