Mapion And TFPS Introduce NFC Technology Service Allowing Game Points To Be Used For Purchases At Real Shops

Mapion Inc. [J] and TF Payment Service [J] have developed a service that allows the use of mobile game special points at real shops.
This uses NFC, and by linking the service platforms of both companies, payments are settled simply by holding a smartphone.  It acquires a series of marketing data from customer introduction to payment of account.  From this, shop businesses and all kinds of internet businesses can develop more effective 020 (online to online) services which combine the net world with real world actions.  From October of 2012 Mapion is offering the 020 platform “Stamp” which includes various services based on the mobile location based game with over 1.07 million users, Keitai Kuni Tori Gassen [J] (Cell Phone Country Taking Battle).  An original special point system “star,” in which gains can be made according to the level of mission achievement within the game, is being developed in coordination with “Stamp.”  On the other side TFPS is offering a cloud type payment platform service “Thincacloud” which uses NFC technology, from June of 2012.  “Thincacloud” supports two methods of payment: over the counter use (face to face payment) as well as online use (no face to face), and it adds all kinds of electronic money payments, allowing the materialization of customer attraction using NFC and services based on 020.  Furthermore, TFPS is exhibiting a demonstration of this policy at the “NFC & Smart WORLD 2013” held at Tokyo Big Site.
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