Aeria Releases Messaging Avatar App “Avachar”

Aeria, Inc. [J] has released the smartphone messaging app “Avachar” which combines messages with avatars.  Download is free.

“Avachar” is a message application which allows you to stamp various actions while conversing with friends with your own avatar.  It has a multi account system, you can use both a real account and a virtual account, and you can also make an avatar separately for each one.  You can customize combinations of clothing items, hairstyle, and face at any time, and furthermore when you get an item one time you can use it for both your real and virtual avatars.  What’s more, when you log in with an ID from Aeria’s game and online community Aeria Games [J], you can use the same account from any device.

Cute Stamp Message – Avachar [J]
Aeria inc. [J]
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