mixi Opens Experimental Message Function

mixi, Inc. [J] has implemented an experimental application of a real time chat-like function on the “mixi message” function of their SNS “mixi.” [J]
“mixi message” is a messaging service that has been offered since the initial stage of the mixi service, and exchanges of a total of over 5.7 billion messages have taken place until now.  Upon conducting surveys and user interviews, the word was that there was a demand for high frequency exchange of messages between close friends, as well as the opinion that there are many inconvenient steps in order to send and receive using “mixi message” in its present state.  The company has taken these demands and opinions, namely that the needs for real time communication are strong, and has taken on an experimental initiative to reform the current user interface which is difficult to use.  The experimental initiative being implemented in Japan is as follows:
[Target users]
Some users
[Target environment]
Access from smartphone browser (mixi Touch)
1. Message exchanges arranged and displayed respectively by addressee
2. Replies appear on that page without screen break
They will from now expand target users accordingly while viewing user reactions.

Study with mixi OpenSocial application development (I・O BOOKS)

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