Zynga Japan Retires 3 Social Game Titles

Zynga Japan K. K. [J] has announced that they will terminate service of the three of their social game titles “Mojitomo☆”, “Machitsuku!”, and “Montopia” by December 21st.  This is because of the major layoffs [J] at the head American office of the social game developer Zynga.
“Mojitomo☆” and “Montopia” are social game apps offered for iOS and Android devices, and a “Motopia” English version was also released and developed overseas.  Also “Machitsuku!” was offered as a signature title for mixi mobile from the Unoh days before they were bought out by Zynga, and from early on it adopted the system of transferring location information to social games.  Unfortunately however at this time they have decided to terminate service, and before this they will cease sales of paid for items and subsequent downloads.  Still, the smartphone card battle RPG app “Ayakashi Inyou Roku” (Yin Yang Ghost Records) management will continue.

Montopia [J]

Ayakashi Inyou Roku
Translation authorized by VSMedia

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