Over 3 Million Users Now Registered On Colopl

Colopl Inc. [J] has announced that the number of users of their location based game “Colopl” has reached 3 million.  This is the number of already withdrawn users subtracted from the number of registered users.
“Colopl” was opened for service in November of 2010 as the world’s first location game specialized platform.  Currently they are offering 14 location game application titles in all, including 3 titles from colopl starting with “Colony Life,” as well as 11 titles run by LAP (Colopl’s partner businesses).  Among the others, the warring states period of Japan card battle location game “Senkoku Iroha” (Warring States Fundamentals) claims over 100,000 users on its own, and games other than their signature title “Colony Life” also seem favorable.  Colopl moving forward carries the mission of “Entertainment in Real Life,” and they are continuing to challenge to find ways to offer fun entertainment to make people’s daily life more fun.

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