A-Team Releases Visual Novel “Murder Room”

A-Team, Inc. [J] has released “Ryouki Dasshutsu Game Murder Room” [J] (seeking the bizarre escape game murder room).  Both the iOS and Android versions are free for download.
“Ryouki Dasshutsu Game Murder Room” is a horror visual novel made by the team that develops the “Dasshutsu Shoujo Lie Series” (escape young lady Lie series).  The player becomes a protagonist locked up in a room with a series of “butcher” murderer demons, uses quick wits and ideas to avert crises that come one after another, solves puzzles in the room, and aims to escape safely.

Ryouki Dasshutsu Game Murder Room [J]
Ateam Inc. [J]
Android version here [J]
Translation authorized by VSMedia

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