Tokyo Metro Stations Featured In Location Based App “MyTown”

Tokyo Metro [J] and Yumemi Inc. [J] have announced that from July 27th (Fri.) they are beginning services which allow the acquisition of metro train and station items in “MyTown,” [J] a social game application operating with Yumemi’s location based service for iOS.
“My Town” is a game application which works with location based services that realize the concept of using  GPS to “Gamify the Everyday.”  By checking in (with location based services) to actual places they visit, users get the building where they checked in and can  build on their own plot in the game; it’s possible to make one’s ideal town by decorating buildings and such.
In this tie-up, by checking in at any of the 179 Tokyo Metro stations in the capital center, you can get a Tokyo Metro original item in the game based on the number of times checked in.  You can also get an original train car deco item with the design of train cars running on the lines of the station you’re at, and when you fulfill certain conditions bonus items appear.  Hidden “special edition” checkpoints also give you the chance to get secret items when you check in at points related to Tokyo Metro other than stations.

Tokyo Metro’s Secret
Tokyo Metro Tokyo Subway = PHP research facility
by G-Tools
Translation authorized by VSMedia.

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