Japanese Civil War Game Release Collabo With Historical Themed Pub

GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. [J] has released an Android version of Sengoku Tenka Trigger [J] (Rule the War Torn Country Trigger).  Download is free. [J]
“Sengoku Tenka Trigger” is a conquest game where you seek to lead an army of commanders on the main stage of the warring states period of Japan.  Although the simple controls only consist of advancing to the battlefield of the country selected for the commander to attack, it’s possible to efficiently reach victory by matching your commanders to each battlefield, and  the game offers an abundance of strategy building challenges.  The company will also collaborate with the warring states period themed private tavern “Sengoku Buyuuden” (Warring States Military Story).  Also in this collaboration, “Sengoku Buyuuden” will appear as drinks and food items on the collaboration menu modeled after famous commanders in the game.  In addition any player who orders from the collaboration menu in the term period will receive a commander card that can be used in the game.

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