Gourmet Food + English Study App Released

Drecom Inc. [J] has released the social learning application “Gurutan Eitango Sekai Shuuyuu” (Gurutan* [gurume=gourmet, tango=word) English Word World Tour).  Download is free.

“Gurutan” is a social learning application for smartphone which allows you to enjoy information about world cuisine while casually learning English vocabulary.  You advance by solving problems about English vocabulary questions that pop up, and then you acquire various gourmet items from actual locations while traveling to any country.  You can easily study whenever you have free time, and you can continue to enjoy the sense of gameplay for what would otherwise tend to be monotonous study of English vocabulary.  As for the contents of study, it offers a foreign language dictionary, reference books, and language study publications that produce actual results based on the editorial supervision of Sanshusha Inc, and the questions that pop up cross over a divergent spectrum of spheres such as business, health, life, and scholarship.  You can study from beginner level words or use it to study for the TOEIC examination, it supports Drecom’s original social learning platform “smacolo,” you can find friends learning together and cooperate in your studies, and you can continue learning while competing with or supporting each other.

Translation authorized by VSMedia.

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