Beautiful Girl Game Store Application “Drops!” Released

Regolith Innovation [J] has released Drops!, [J] a beautiful girl game store application for Android.
“Drops!”  is an application store originally developed by Regolith Innovation that uses a system to easily transport PC games into Android apps.  It can develop a PC version into an Android App of equal quality, and many popular beautiful girl games for PC are all together on “Drops!”.  Participating brands include NEXTON, Alice Soft, Tactics, colors, PL+US, Neko Neko Soft (soon to be opened), etc.  As an opening campaign currently each title is being offered for ¥980-¥1280, and the lineup is planned to increase from here on.  They aim to offer over 300 beautiful girl games within the year, and moving forward they plan to offer not only games but electronic books, video, sound, and other contents.
Drops! Web version is here

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