Amazing’s Social Game “Venus Fantasista” Hits The Stage

Amazing, Inc. [J] will adapt their Mobage beautiful sports girl social game Venus Fantasista [J] for the stage, to be opened for performance from August 29th at Akasaka Red Theater.
Venus Fantasia is a social game themed around soccer and beautiful girls which began service on Mobage from last month. [J]  The user becomes a club owner and selects players to make team with “Kujo Iroha,” a newbie secretary, “Star God Juri,” a scout for the world’s beautiful girls (Fantasista), and “Kamio Hina,” an ultra child prodigy director with an IQ over 200, aiming to match against rivals and be the best in the world.
The stage version will interweave game contents with comedy elements, added productions such as an original theme song, and limited venue privileges planned to link with the game.  The performance outline is as follows:
・Performance name: “Venus Fantasista The crescendo in my heart”
・Sponsor: Media Gate co.
・Collaboration: Amazing, co., Eijin co.
・Script: Kawate Fukino
・Production: Ogawa Shintaro (BOOGIE☆WOOGIE theater company)
・Theme Song: VIC:CESS
・Stage dates: 8/29 (Wed.) – 9/2 (Sun.)
・Venue: Akasaka Red Theater
・Staff: Sound: Soundman co., Lighting: Saikousha, Stage Director: Tomosaburou Sumi
齊 藤夢愛<persolate>、浜田翔子、 真菜<VIC:CESS>、佐藤さくら、 永作あいり、吉橋亜理砂<IDOL Street>、高橋明日香、涼本めぐみ<KNU>、上原真央<choice?>、軽辺るか<クリアーズ>、のえる<クリアーズ>、松下恵里香<怪傑トロ ピカル丸> 、市橋直歩、黒沢葉月<ロマンスターズ>、小坂真名美、 星野美兎<Splash!>、斉藤むつみ、 雨宮あんな、望月綾音、上田郁代(劇団BOOGIE☆WOOGIE) 他
<Guest Performance>
梅本静香   August 29th (Weds.)
佐々木みゆう August 30th (Thurs.)
大山愛未   August 31st (Fri.)
倉田瑠夏<アイドリング!!!> September 1s. (Sat.)・2nd(Sun.)
■Performance Schedule (8 in all)
August 29th (Weds.) 19:00 –
August 30th (Thurs.) 19:00 –
August 31st (Fri.) 15:00 – 19:00 –
September 1st (Sat.) 15:00 – 19:00 –
September 2nd (Sun.) 13:00 – 17:00 –
※Lobby opening is 1 hour before
※Entrance is 30 minutes before
Ticket sales

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