“Hatsune Miku” Hits Hong Kong, Taiwan, With “Miku Pa♪” Live Concerts

Hatsune Miku Hong Kong and Taiwan executive committe has announced that they will hold “Miku Pa♪”, vocaloid Hatsune Miku’s concerts at Hong Kong and Taiwan.  They have also opened an Exclusive Site. [J]
Hatsune Miku’s concerts held in foreign countries include “MIKUNOPOLIS” in Los Angeles on July 2nd 2011, and this will be the 2nd and third time continuing from the first“Miku Pa♪” in Singapore on November 11th, 2011.  It will be held in Hong Kong on October 2nd at KITEC Star Hall, and in Taiwan on October 6th at Taipeishow (Taipei Show Hall 2).  Both will have two public performances in one day, daytime and at night, and ticket reservation is planned to commence from July 12th.
“Hatsune Miku” Miku’s Nichi Dai Kanshasai (Big Japanese Thanksgiving) 2 Days Complete BOX (First Time built-to-order limited edition) [Blu-ray]

Hatsune Miku Concert Saigo No Miku No Nichi Kanshasai (Last of Miku’s Japan Thanksgiving) [Blu-ray]

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