KDDI Releases Pilgrimage Application for Android

’s [J] consumer Shikoku branch has released Itsu Demo O Henro [J] (Anytime Pilgrim), an Android application which allows you to experience pilgrimage in everyday life using smartphone’s GPS function.  Download is free.
“Anytime Pilgrim” is a public app in which prioritizes au Smartpass, and depending on the distance walked in everyday life, you can have a simulated experience of a pilgrimage.  It models your distance walked to the pilgrimage route, and you can get a taste of feeling like you’re actually traveling in Shikoku when you do stuff like pushing the stamp upon arriving at “Fudashoo” (temples frequented by pilgrims) or when the guide for famous products and places in Shikoku is displayed.  Furthermore, in addition to being able to enjoy collecting all the stamps which allow you to get all 20 pilgrim avatars, it also includes social functions like “Jun Tomo” (pilgrim buddies) which lets you interchange with other users, and linkage with Facebook and Twitter.
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