2nd Part Of Romance Sims Series “My Forged Wedding” Released

Voltage [J] has released “My Forged Wedding,” an English version of “Chikai No Kisu Wa Totsuzen Ni♪” (Suddenly Kiss of Vow) as the second part of the North American romance simulation game “Romance Sims” series, for iPhone and Android.
“My Forged Wedding” is an English Version of “Chikai No Kisu Wa Totsuzen Ni,” the number one ranking most popular romance game among the 175 sites within the “Romance Game” category currently at NTT Docomo’s i-Menu.  It’s the second part continuing from  Part 1 which was released overseas from July of 2011, “Pirates in Love”, [J] for the North American market.  The precursor “Pirates in Love” placed 21st in the App store’s entertainment category, and within the Asian sphere it reached number 1 in the Singapore App store entertainment category.  This time, the story and characters are entirely true to the original, so the complete story can be enjoyed in English.  Gameplay is also the same as the Japanese version.  The prologue in which all characters appear can be played for free, and after that it becomes a single payment for each character download that you select.

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