Star Wars Social Card Game Cards Offered With Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza Japan [J] has begun sales of “Star Wars Special Set Volume 2” from April 23rd, and in conjunction with this they’ve announced that they will distribute real cards from KONAMI’s [J] social card game “Star Wars Collection.”  This marks the first collaboration between Dominos Pizza and KONAMI.
“Star Wars Special Set” is a limited time offer which, when you order a pizza, includes a Star Wars original box and original goods for the pizza charge plus 450 yen.  This time the original goods feature a Darth Maul light saber shaped fork and spoon, and R2-D2’s head dome appears on the original box.  Real cards from the social card game “Star Wars Collection” are offered to all, and if you input the serial number on the back of the card within the game, you can also use that real card within the game.  The offer runs from April 23rd until June 17th.

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