“ngi group” Changes Name To “Motion Beat”

ngi group [J] has announced at today’s meeting of the board of directors that they have resolved to change their firm name to “Motion Beat,” as a condition of the acknowledgement of the modification of one section of their company statute at the meeting of stockholders to be held on June 22nd.
ngi group set up the Net Agent company in February of 1998, started up various internet related businesses, and changed their name to “ngi group” in July of 2007.  In December of 2010, they merged with the once subsidiary company Fractalist, developed internet advertising businesses as the main shaft of their business, and currently are activating internet advertising services and consumer businesses specialized for the smartphone market.  With this as their starting point, the company is actively pulsing, and they have their mind set on busting out services one after another that rock user activity, and so they have determined to change their trade name from “ngi group” to “Motion Beat.”
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