GREE Takes Countermeasures Against RMT, In Cooperation With Related Companies

GREE has announced that they will strengthen measures pertaining to actions relating to Real Money Trade (RMT) which is prohibited by the user agreement of the SNS “GREE.”  They will continue, throughout the entire company, to promote such measures as suspending user accounts which violate the user agreement and checking incidents within and outside of GREE.
Already GREE has prohibited RMT in their user agreement, and they have taken appropriate steps as much as possible upon discovering such conduct.  In addition, this time they are bringing in a manned RMT specialized check system.  In the event of the discovery of RMT related conduct, they will implement such measures as prompt elimination of the violation entry, warn the user who committed the violation, or suspend his or her account.  Furthermore they will introduce a manned check system for violation conduct outside of GREE, and upon discovery will take action as much as possible.  They will develop a specially dedicated contact page for the purpose of correcting prohibited conduct and violations of the user agreement, give users a heads up and increase awareness, and provide information related to avoiding trouble together with accepting tips from users connected with RMT.
In order to raise the effectiveness of these policies, from now they will further their consultation with major game developer companies, platform businesspeople, industry groups, and government administration offices.  Partners (developers) currently in accordance with GREE’s objectives include the following:
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