Colopl Offers Smartphone Application “Treasure Detective”

Colopl [J] has released “Himitsu Tantei Kari” [J] (Treasure Detective) for Android.  It’s a classic style RPG card battle game  specialized for smartphones and entirely web base.
‘Treasure Detective’ is a game with over 150 different cards available to be used to make your own strongest party and gather treasures in the realm of ancient ruins, legends and islands.  Users search through each stage and fight various enemies and bosses to complete quests, and battles unfold as you and other users struggle for treasures.  Another unique feature is the ability to use capsule toy vending machines based on your location, so depending on where you go you can build up your party.
Colopl, along with multi-developing the location game platform “Colopl” for feature phone and smartphone, are going to focus on continuing to expand specialized smartphone applications.

Translation authorized by VSMedia

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