Mushroom Cultivation Kit By Beeworks Hits 1 Million Downloads

[J] has announced that their iPhone application “Osawari Tantei Nameko Saibai Kit Seasons” (Touch Detective Mushroom Cultivation Kit Seasons) has broken through 1 million total downloads.  Furthermore the Android version of “Touch Detective Mushroom Cultivation Kit” has already topped 200,000 downloads since opening for distribution on December 21st.
“Touch Detective Mushroom Cultivation Kit Seasons” is an app released on December 2nd as a  spinoff version of the popular “Touch Detective Mushroom Cultivation Kit” which has registered over 2,100,000 downloads.  This “Mushroom Cultivation Kit” series has a simple gameplay, where the user basically combines pulpwood, a humidifier, heating, and lighting equipment to cultivate mushrooms.  With cute mushroom characters with an overabundance of idiosyncratic “soft spots,” plus an easy to understand user interface, it is supported by many users.  “Touch Detective Mushroom Cultivation Kit Seasons” reached over 1 million downloads in 20 days from is release.  Furthermore with the number of downloads for the Android version  included, the total number of downloads for the series reaches 3.3 million.
Mushroom Cultivation Kit Sewing Cleaner Strap (Withered Mushroom) [J]
なめこ栽培キット 縫製クリーナーストラップ(枯れなめこ)
Custom Cover iPhone4/4S (Mushroom Face) [J]
カスタムカバーiPhone4/4S(なめこ フェイス)
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