Koei Tecmo Games Release “Nobunyaga’s Ambition” For Mobage

Koei Tecmo Games [J] has released the Mobage social game “Nobunyaga No Yabou” [J] (Nobu-nyaga’s Ambition) for feature phone.
“Nobu-nyaga’s Ambition” is a simulation social game in which “Oda Nobu-nyaga,” “Mikeda Shingen,” and “Oe-Nyan” etc. “Cat Commanders” take the stage (These names are plays on Japanese historical figures with cat phonemes).  The user develops his own territory while gathering various cat commanders, engages in battle with other bandit users grappling for territory, and aims to rule all under heaven.  This title is already available for Yahoo!Mobage, and it’s also possible to link the data with the feature phone version.
Nobunyaga’s Ambition Walkthrough Cat Codex [J]

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