Occupy Train Stations All Over Japan – Colopl Releases Location Game “Eki Dasshu PLUS”

Colopl has released the new game “Eki Dasshu PLUS” (Train Station Occupy PLUS) for their location information service platform “Colopl.”
“Eki Dasshu PLUS” is a location information game offered by Mobile Factory.  Users with location registration capability “Occupy” railway stations where they are, and with all users struggling for stations all over Japan, it is possible to have capture-the-flag style gameplay in real time at real spots.  You can do stuff like make a collection of 10,000 nearby stations, gather infamy, and compete for ranking.  In your acquired stations, you can set up a “Cat Style Robot” to prevent other users from taking it back, but to take advantage of its weakness against mice, you can use “Plunder Cheese” to summon mice, and he runs away.

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