Asiajin Spanish, Japanese And 4 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating 4 year anniversary today! We launched Asiajin officially on December 12, 2007, 4 years ago. Here I announce two new Asiajin blogs, Spanish version and Japanese version.

The new Spanish version, Asiajin en Español is supported by Tokyo-based ShakingAsia, whose business is bringing oversea services into Japan and Asia.

If you are interested in opening Asiajin in other language, please contact us.
We also began Asiajin日本語(=Asiajin Japanese) last month, which is not a Japanese translation of Asiajin, which does not make much sense, but introduce what Asiajin is doing to Japanese people, to find potential contributors and sponsors.
Please share these sites to your Spanish/Japanese speaking friends who should be interested in.

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