Koei Tecmo Games Release New GREE Social Game “Love Love♥Angel Sama ~Angelique~”

Koei Tecmo Inc. has released the new feature phone romance social game “Love Love♥Angel Sama ~Angelique~” for Gree.
“Love Love♥Angel Sama ~Angelique~” is a new social game from Koei Tecmo Games’ female oriented “Neo-Romance Series.”  The player circles the globe together with beautiful romantic celebrity idols, spreading love through charity.  As far as social game elements go, it’s possible to participate in tea parties with preferred celebs by getting tea and cake items with other players.
Fundamentally speaking, this game is born out of the “Neo-Romance Series” of girl oriented romance games, the pinnacle of the well-known “Angelique” series.  Thus the world view remains as is, while the game system, situations, and character settings have been drastically changed and renewed.  With new characters added to support the player, altogether 20 celebs are included.  Character design is spearheaded by Futaba Hazuki, and Angelique’s new generation team of gorgeous voice actors have taken charge of the performing cast of characters.

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