3-Minutes Video Tutorial Site For Programming Learners "Dotinstall" Launches

Two popular Japanese bloggers, @taguchi[J] and @fkoji[J], launched new video tutorial site called dotinstall[J], which is aimed at ultra-beginner of programming.

The site currently provides about 300 video tutorials, ranging from HTML basics to Creating Concentration game using Javascript, all of which last just about 3 minutes long.  All the videos are recorded in Japanese (by @taguchi[J]), so it is helpful not only for Japanese who want to study programming but also for non-Japanese programmers who want to study Japanese language as well.

Unlike ShowMeDo, another video tutorial site for programming learners, dotinstall is focused on delivering video tutorials for beginners only.  As myself being a learner of programming as a hobby, dotinstall[J] seems to be very helpful because I can use my spare time, sometime just a few minutes, to watch a video or two.

Current line-ups of videos are HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/MySQL/jQuery/Twitter Bootstrap, more in variety and number are expected to come. The site is in closed beta but you can apply for invitation.

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