Namco Bandai To Release Mobage Social Game “Kamen Rider Legend”

NAMCO BANDAI Games, Inc. [J] has announced that they will release “Kamen Rider Legend” (Masked Rider Legend), a social game for Mobage [J], from the end of November.
“Kamen Rider Legend” is a social game where users collect “Brave Jewels” containing the power of successive generations of masked riders and mysterious people, while gaining strength from missions and battles, and aim to be the strongest rider team.  “Brave Jewels” encompass everything from the first edition of Kamen Rider up to the most recent work “Kamen Rider Fourze,” and you can enjoy gathering the “Collection” of all types.  In addition to “Brave Jewels” and the appearance of special moves in battle, it also includes the special feature of actual photo images of all characters.
Currently registration is open at the Exclusive page. [J]
Kamen Rider Fourze transformation belt DX Fourze driver [J]
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Akky: Kamen Rider(Masked Rider) is a long-run series of hero drama in Japan. Some of you may guess how popular by knowing it is even more popular than the original series of Power Rangers.

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