Prosthetic Limbs Aiming Artificial Beauty

Shunji Yamanaka, a well-known Japanese industrial designer and Keio University professor showed a photo of his developing artificial leg for women on his blog [J].
This is yet a mock and you can only stand up with the current one, but Yamanaka wrote that the model woman, an athlete who runs with a regular prosthetic leg, liked it and enjoyed hours photo-shoot.
He told that about 8,000 Japanese need prosthesis leg, but most of them are not using cosmetic prosthesis because even with the best one can be found that it is not the real one, and use a metal skeleton with cloths covering. His team is trying to approach in another way, the leg which is totally different from real legs, but still look beautiful. The white plastic attachment in rear does not have functional meaning, but make a silhouette look good when you wear pants.
It is a different approach from Japanese specialty of pursuing perfect human’s copy, represented by recently buzzed Japanese inventions by Hiroshi Ishiguro and Real-f (TechCrunch).

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