Tonchidot Release Super Karate-Robo Zarborgar App

Tonchidot [J] has released the official Android application “Karate-Robo Zarborgar by Sekai Camera” of “Karate-Robo Zarborgar” [J] (aka Denjin Zarborgar), a movie opened to the public on October 15th.  Download is free.
“Karate-Robo Zarborgar by Sekai Camera” is an app that allows you to take a commemorative photo with Zarborgar as he appears into the real world when you hold up your front facing camera up to a poster or official site.  In addition the main character’s super helmet also pops out, so when you adjust the positioning and match it up tight with yourself, you can have a super disguise.  It’s also possible to hook it up with Twitter or Facebook to print a picture from the app.  Download here.  [J]
Karate-Robo Zarborgar DVD-BOX [J]
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