Gloops’ “Legend Card” English Version Released For Global Market

gloops, Inc. [J] who run the social game for Mobage “Dai-Sodatsu!! Legend Card,” has released an English version as “Legend Cards” and held an exhibit at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show.

“Dai-Sodatsu!! Legend Card” is a card game style social RPG.  Players gather and build up cards which have been scattered around the world and battle in the arena.  The game revolves around matching power with companions and acquiring a “Legend Card,” proof of who is strongest, and over 450 cards appear in the game.  At first offered for feature phones on Mobage, now it is also offered for smartphones.
While the release of “Legend Cards” includes the same unchanged Japanese parts from “Oh-Sodatsu!! Legend Card” entirely written in English, the main visuals have been significantly altered.

Here are the main visuals for “Oh-Sodatsu Legend Card.”  The lovely characters are arranged as such.

On the other hand, here we have “Legend Cards.”  Compared with the “Oh-Sodatsu . . .” above, the design is fairly cooled off.  This reflects the preference of overseas gamers.  It seems that after all overseas gamers favor more realistic graphics over “Moeru” (enrapture) cutesy graphics.  However it seems that preferences of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and other Asian countries’ people are similar to those of Japanese people.
Although it seems the “Legend Cards” exhibit was intended to appeal to western media, actually press from various countries visited the booth.

(“All the limited “Dragon Legend” cards have been distributed.”)
Also the general opening day was a great success, as many guests seeking the “Oh-Sodatsu!! Legend Card” and “Oh-Shingeki!! Dragon Kishidan” serial code printed cards came to visit, and all the cards which had been prepared ran out before noon
Furthermore, the “Oh-Sodatsu!! Legend Card” official guidebook is now being sold by enterbrain co.
Oh-Sodatsu!!  Legend Card official guidebook (Famitsu walkthrough book) [J]
[Tokyo Game Show Report] Translation authorized by VSmedia


  1. The title is not “Oh-Sodatsu!!” but “Dai-So-Datsu”…This is a good article, anyway. The taste toward visuals (images for cards or even UI) may vary in the western market, so it must be tough to localize this type of games. 

  2.  You have some interesting thoughts! Perhaps we should contemplate about attempting this myself.

  3. is there any way i can buy these cards in real life…kinda like pokemon cards ….cus i really really love this game =^_^=

  4. i wanna play but i dont have the devices my parents wont let sadley whats the object of the game

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