CyberAgent Ventures Invests In Startup Company “Qrunch”

CyberAgent’s [J] consolidated subsidiary for developing investment and venture capital operations, CyberAgent Ventures, [J] on the date of October 7th, 2011 made an investment into Qrunch Co., [J] developers of “Qrunch,” [J] a social Q&A service which allows you to lightheartedly ask questions to friends.  This company became the chosen enterprise for the business plan contest “Startups2011-spring-” held by CyberAgent Ventures.
Qrunch is a startup venture business with members who have an abundance of experience in web service development and application.  They will develop Qrunch, a Q&A site for lightheartedly asking questions to friends, and they are planning to offer it as a browser version and as a smartphone application.  Presently, they are accepting up to 10,000 advance account registrations for their alpha version, via the url above.  Qrunch is strengthening their develpment system via this recent fundraising, and they are aiming for an early stage business startup.
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