Taito Put Out Game Application for Mobage

Taito [J] is coming out with “Space Invaders Infinity Gene LITE for Mobage,” an Android game app on DeNA’s [J] Mobage [J] platform.  They are also planning an iOS version for this Fall.
“Space Invaders Infinity Gene LITE for Mobage” is a free app which allows users to get a taste of the evolution of “Space Invaders Infinity Gene” which is distributed in the Japanese Android Market.  Any users who use Mobage on smart phone can play, and there is also an original stage exclusively for Mobage.  As you play “Space Invaders Infinity Gene” you see that the leveling up, the spaceship, the stages, the BGM, and the whole system of the game itself is an “evolutionary” shooting game.  This game is already available on feature phone and iOS devices, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and is a popular title which has won many awards around the world.

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