KDDI To Bring Android Apps To China Mobile Subscribers

Japan’s second biggest telco and mobile carrier KDDI is planning to bring a set of made-in-Japan apps to Android users in China, in cooperation with China Mobile, the country’s biggest telco (over 600 mobile subscribers).
Under the deal, KDDI will start offering an initial 22 apps, for example manga or games, in China Mobile’s Android market as early as from the end of this month. KDDI uses apps made by a total of five Japan-based companies, i.e. Cybird, Acrodea or G-Mode.
The company says services like billing or fee collection for these app developers will be handled by Hong Kong-based DMX Technologies, a firm KDDI acquired a 51% stake in back in 2009.
The Nikkei is reporting that KDDI is only the 10th company to be given the right to sell apps in China Mobile’s Android market (which has 90 million customers).

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