Mixi Launches Mixi Page

On August 31, Mixi announced its new feature, Mixi Page [J].

It is a feature to enable Mixi users to create semi-public web pages under Mixi’s domain. The pages have built-in communication system and social-media button Mixi Iine(=Like) is integrated. If you are familiar with Facebook Page, it is the Mixi’s version of it. Companies, shops and individual are encouraged to create Mixi pages.
Here is the Asiajin’s Mixi page,

You may make Mixi Pages public to the Internet, which is new for Mixi users who enjoy wall-gardened, search-engine-free communications. Comments on Mixi Page are still permitted to the registered Mixi users.
Mixi provides three different views for Mixi Pages, PC, mobile(feature phone) and smartphone.

You can create your Mixi Pages from PC and smartphone versions. You can not make a page from feature phone version of Mixi, though the majority of Mixi users’ traffic is from there.

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